Use of the facility is subject to the following Rules and Regulations:
  1. The use of the facility is for WAC members and their immediate family in good standing with the Waukee Athletic Club (“WAC”). Any person who is not a member of WAC, will not be allowed to use the facility unless they have a lesson with Carrie Eby.
  2. Batting Helmets must be always worn in the batting cages by the batters.  Catchers must wear protective gear when catching pitchers in the pitching lanes. 
  3. The annual dues to access the facility outside of designated team practices will be $250/WAC family.  This will entitle the User to a membership good through 7/31/2023.  Any user who hasn’t paid will be denied access. Payments are to be made online, or by mailing a check to the WAC Treasurer.
  4. The hours of operation shall be as follows, unless otherwise designated by the WAC Board:
    1. Normal Access Hours 7 am – 10 pm
    2. Carrie Eby will be given priority in one of the hitting tunnels from Monday – Friday 3:30pm to 6:30pm, Saturday and Sunday 7:30am to 10:30am to conduct lessons.  WAC Club teams will also be given priority for team practices as well.
  5. Accessing or remaining in the facility outside of the Normal Access Hours could result in suspension of membership with no refund of remaining membership fees.
  6. Facility Personal Access codes will be used to enter the facility. Facility Personal Access codes should only be used by facility members and should not be shared with others. Any access and/or use of the facility by non-members could result in suspension of the membership that granted access and there will be no refund of remaining membership fees.
  7. Sign up for the facility will be done through the reservation system. Users will be allowed one 30-minute time slot per day, unless they are also a pitcher, which will allow them an additional 30-minute time slot to be used for pitching. Users will only be allowed to reserve a maximum of six 30-minute practice slots at one time.
  8. Users are encouraged to be considerate and cancel any reservations they make which they are unable to use. The Board reserves the right to suspend privileges to use the facility for a User that routinely does not show for their reservations.
  9. Users must bring a second pair of shoes to wear at the facility. Cleats plastic or metal will NOT be allowed in the facility.
  10. An adult must be present to use the facility, unless it is during a designated team practice with a coach present.
  11. No food shall be allowed in the facility. Beverages will be allowed, but only in containers with a lid.
  12. Users shall be required to return the facility to the same condition they found it, including returning the pitching machine balls back into the bucket.
  13. Only adults will be allowed to use the pitching machines.
  14. Users shall park their cars only in those portions of the parking area reasonably designated for that purpose by building owner.
  15. Any damage willfully caused by a User of the facility will be the responsibility of the person that caused it.
  16. Smoking, alcohol, and illegal drugs are prohibited in the hitting facility and could result in suspension of membership with no refund of the onetime membership fee.
  17. Hitting Facility members that voluntarily or involuntarily leave a WAC team will forfeit the remaining term of their hitting facility membership. It will be the decision of the WAC Board if any of the onetime membership fee is refundable.
  18. The WAC Board has the right to revise the Hitting/Pitching facility rules as needed.